Enviro-Limit’s NEPA consulting training and education revolve around the “NEPA Institute.” The NEPA Institute is a three-day, CEQ regulations-based, intensive session integrating everything you need to know to properly implement the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969. Class will normally be held in September and March of any given year. This course is hands on and performance oriented. Students will receive up-to-date reference materials.

NEPA Institute Outline

Students in the NEPA Institute learn about NEPA’s history, background, substantive and procedural requirements, and implementing process. They also explore the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) regulations in depth in addition to other CEQ guidance, including Best Practice Principles for Environmental Assessments and the 40 FAQs. This 3-day intensive session consists of small group practical exercises, in-class writing, discussions, and instructor presentations. Students need to bring a laptop to class. Students have the option of sending in advance of the course a brief summary of a NEPA process or document problem from their area of practice.


The NEPA Institute is on an open enrollment basis and can be paid for with a credit card. The NEPA Institute requires at least 10 students to enroll and the maximum class size is 30. Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis. Courses can also be given on site and funded by contract, purchase order, or individual training registration. We tailor course duration, date, location, and agenda topics to meet client needs. In addition, small group, supervisor, and senior executive short briefings are available.

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