Enviro-Limit’s NEPA consulting services include NEPA document technical review and editing which are Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) regulations- and guidance-based.

NEPA Compliance

The main challenge of all NEPA documents is to find a balance among social, economic, and ecosystem considerations. This balance is critical to sustainability—balance between present and future needs, resource use and conservation, biology and economics, communities and individuals, variability and stability. Economic and social impacts are major components to finding this balance.
All NEPA documents must meet the test of scrutiny by other agencies and the public while fulfilling NEPA and CEQ regulation (40 CFR Parts 1500-1508) requirements. It is essential that a sound system of review be established and followed. Prior to public release, document errors must be fixed.
The compliance review seeks to determine the adequacy of the NEPA document with respect to the NEPA statute (P.L. 91-190, 42 USC 4321-4347), the CEQ Regulations and guidance, and specific agency NEPA policy and guidance. NEPA’s purposes, policy, and goals and Section 102(2)(C) serve as the primary basis for evaluation. The CEQ Regulations provide guidance regarding format, length, general content outline, and other mandatory details. NEPA documents are evaluated with the use of document-specific checklists and the specific Agency’s NEPA procedures and guidelines.

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